Tory Fucked in the Butt Real Rough by Two Horny Woodboys!

tory lane getting pain up the bum

With a tightly-packed booty like Tory Lane’s, how can you blame these schmucks for wanting to screw this bitch anywhere they could? So it was unavoidable that she’d lose her anal virginity sooner rather than later. Just as well, since there are a lot more fuckstuds just waiting for their turn to have a toss in the sheets with her too!

Trouble with all that rush though, is that these schmoes don’t always make sure that Tory’s cool with it, or likes it even just a little bit, when they decide that they want to fill her meat holes with their beefmeat. So sometimes it means those wangs are digging in her ass crack without any lube whatsoever – ouch! How big a circumference are they aiming for this bunghole?

Find out when you log in the main anal pounding galleries! Start clickin’ away before this offer goes!

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Saana Gets More than What She Asked For in Anus-Ripping Scenes!

saana carried in double penetration scene

You know how stuff like anal fucking and double penetration start with these hos? To tell ya the truth, we probably wouldn’t even have the appetite for it if some harlots just didn’t develop an overwhelming appetite for dickmeat. It’s something like a mental disease, like when preggo bitches start wanting to eat inedible stuff; soon they want sausages up their ass, and then up their cunt and shitter at the same time, and the next thing ya know they’ll probably even want it up their ears!

Saana’s on her way to becoming one of them; she’s got this kinky side where she prefers anal even to straight-on cunt screwing, but this time she wanted to try on both. Boy, they sure did what she wanted at first, but when both throbbing slabs of meat were fuckin’ it up in her asshole, you’d think she was getting wrecked from the inside! Well, when you take at look at it for yourself, you’ll sort of see why too…

Get the uncut, painful anal reaming action here now!

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Sandra Romain Double Penetrated by Real Hard Shlong Meat!

Sandra Romain’s the European Anal Queen of this era, but there’s just something about her that makes ya wanna stab her bippy harder and harder! Maybe it’s that little poop hole she has that has the uncanny ability to tighten again even after you’ve used her for an all-nighter. Maybe it’s that she never gets tired of the anal scenes, even if she ends up having trouble sitting for weeks because of it. In any case, if she’s such a legendary harlot of sin already, what’s wrong with adding to that a little more?

sandra romain shows off stretched asshole

In this scene she’s being used by two well-hung stunt cocks so hard, she’s been dragged across the whole room, carried and DP’d several times – we’re sure glad this is the home studio, or else any seedy hotel we could have rented for this scene would have sued us because of the mess after. These perverts sure got her flinching when they were pushing their dongs in and outta her asshole at the same time, but it’s all a part of the business!

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